Wittke™ front loaders are strong and dependable. With the fastest and smoothest arm cycle in the industry, your operation will be fast and clean. Lower maintenance costs will also help your bottom line. ing suite of products to best meet a wide variety of needs.


The Wittke™ Starlight is known for its agility. Its low body weight maximizes the legal payload capacity and its fast lifting cycle ensures rapid loading on the route. The Starlight tackles both residential and commercial routes with ease and with its low body weight, you will be able to collect more material, providing the highest legal payload ever on each collection.

The Wittke™ Superduty is as rugged as they get. The 100% Hardox steel body delivers ultimate strength at the lowest possible body weight. The Wittke Superduty is the toughest of all front loaders; engineered to require nominal maintenance and providing the lowest total cost of ownership.




The PCO-cv bears all of the great features and benefits of our Wittke™ front loader.

Built fast and tough; with its smooth lifting arm operation, quick cycle times and auto-latch tailgate, coupled with the following key features makes it the perfect solution for commercial organics collection.